They saw something and now were hidden behind rock. It was like an alien having two antennas trying to communicate in his language. He was having a small box like machine which released radiations as earlier they experienced. They were puzzled and scared too. Alex advised Masie to be calm and just remember about the way they entered. But the young girl was only over thinking about a twilight existence in the cave. Suddenly an idea strikes Alex’s mind. He remembers that when he was finding Masie he saw rock having a small hole. He and Masie walking slowly without any noise reached out of that strange way. They were again lost finding the rock and were coming on the same path from where they saw that creature. It was the result of that machine which released radiations that confuses human brain. They were now hungry and tired. They decided to spend some time resting, when some drizzling sound began. It was a sign of something haphazard. They instantly woke up and went inside an opening of a mini cave. Their eyes were surprised and mind astonished after seeing four more creatures like the one they sought and for which Masie gave them name of archfiend.

Now Masie was confirmed that those creatures were planning something. She was although afraid but eager to know about them. Alex denied but Masie pulled his hand and followed them. They were unknowing about the disasters that were going to take place. The Archfiends had special power to recognize humans if they were around. The curious souls were unknown about that power and were blindly following them. Suddenly again a powerful wave hit them and they were pushed to the edge of the cave. It was dark and bats were flying all over it. When they opened their eyes, a ray of light came on Alex’s hand and at their surprise they were able to see a small way that lead to outside of the cave which was far from where they were found unconscious. They were injured and were lamely walking and exit the cave. They were in pain and through lot of difficulties; they reached the bus station and reached home. Luckily their parents had not arrived home so they came into normal situations and did first-aid to each other. Still they were mentally present in that cave and thinking about the creatures.

Next day, their parents came and they told about their adventure. Although their parents scold them, they ordered to show the cave in which they saw creatures according to the children as they were not ready to believe. They went there and a man was standing there. The man’s words and their sight took their breadth. They were:


Alex and Masie were in deep shock.



They had left for Pennsylvania from Chicago. His father got transferred and they too had to migrate. He was happy although sad because he had to live his friends, cousins, every vennel where he had spent his childhood and many more places which just became his memory. Edward is a fifteen year old teenager who had bunch of friends but is shy in making new friends especially from different place. His new house was in Harrisburg which was quite big and spacious compared to old. It had every single facility Edward wanted. It contained a swimming pool, library, mini club house and many more things. But Edward was not happy; he just wanted his old life back.

They reached at mid noon. He went to his room and started unpacking his things. He arranged his books in library, his collection of shoes in shoe rack, and after about an hour his room got perfect. His mom dad went to the nearest supermarket for buying necessary food items. He was now left alone in the big mansion, thinking what to do. He decided to swim for some time; he wore his costume and had a splash in the pool. He got tired of swimming and now wanted to go in club house. He got into the clubhouse and started playing pool table. The door bell rang and he went to open the door. There was lady standing with a glass bowl in his hand full of fried rice and a girl behind him wearing a short red dress. They were Mrs. Anderson and her daughter Judy who was same age of Edward. They were his neighbours who had come to welcome his family . He welcomed them and gave his introduction, while his parents arrived and they had interacted with each other. Edward got comfortable in making friendship with Judy. He showed her his room and the whole big mansion. He also invited her to come at his house anytime she wished.

Days passed and they became best friends. August had begun and now it was the time for the schools to reopen. Edward got his name enrolled in Harrisburg High School. He was nervous because he was shy in making new friends. He got ready and left with Judy. The school was at walking distance. He entered and saw that the school was much bigger than his old one. Judy left with her friends telling Edward to make new friends. He went in the canteen as it was time in the first lecture. He went to a group of boys to introduce him, but they ignored him as he was not as cool as them. He felt bed but then went to Judy’s group of friends; they also rejected him as they wanted no new people in his group. He was quite upset and sat in the corner table having coke and a burger. Judy came and sat with him and advised him not to get sad and just try to make friends. Weeks pass but he had no friend accept Judy. He was losing hope when a boy named Mason forefronted his hand for friendship. Edward was happy that finally after long he had one school buddy. He often got teased by the senior boys but as time passed he got used to it. Mason always supported him and encouraged him. Soon after a week at the speech competition he spoke on friendship and on his life in Denmark. He even got tears while speaking.

Everybody got cold hearted and even those seniors who were neglecting and teasing him supported him and made friends with him. Time passed and his heart was healed and he had:



Sun was shining hard; above the head. It was hot summer and children were doing sunbath in their lawn. The swimming pools were crowded and malls, theaters and restaurants were pervading because summer vacations had began. They were playing JCQ monsters. Masie and Alex were cousins who lived in Carbondale. They were best friends more than cousins. Masie was an extrovert who had bunch of friends while Alex was shy who hardly had an ally. Masie lived in the mountainous region, so she knew every rock of it.

At night she often heard strange noise from a cave which was nearer to her house. After couple of days she noticed some red laser beeping on her window. When she opened the window there was only silence and looking at the sky at the bright shining moon and stars she thought that it might be an illusion. Next day when Alex visited her home, she told him about that strange illusion she faced at night the previous day. Alex was eager to know about the cave so they decided to visit it during noon as their parents were going for some trip to Chicago and will return after two days. They started packing their rucksack; keeping necessary things such as rope, food, energy drink, protein bars, etc. As soon as their parents left, they wore their shoes, buckled their bags and were ready for the first adventure “the mysterious cave”.

The slope they started climbing, had small pebbles and thorny bushes. It had a sign board indicating that, caves were closed for construction. Though it was a construction site, there were no workers sought neither there were machines. They found it strange. They continued their journey when Alex noticed that some shadow was following them. They stopped for a while. But as the time passed the shadow had disappeared. They finally reached the cave after walking for about two hours.

The cave was dark. Droplets of water were falling and cobwebs had made their way. The pathway was slippery and there were frizzes all around. Suddenly bats started flying over them. They ran and in a flash   a strong sway hit the cave, Masie got a sudden push and she was separated from Alex. Alex now was alone stuck in the deserted cave without evidence of Masie. He was shouting her name but there was no sign. He carried on with walking. The cave was going more mysterious. Deep within one could see paintings carved in it. The cave was now ended; he could only see rocks in front of him. He decided to return, when he saw that there was a small opening that will take him in the intense cave. He was walking when he spotted Masie lying unconsciously. He walked her up and made her sit. He gave some energy drink and protein bar; she was deeply injured on her hand so Alex did first aid and after taking some rest they continued their journey. Now Masie and Alex were lost in the cave. They were not able to find their way out. They were getting strained and the atmosphere around them was fidgety. There was no ray of hope of returning back when they saw something strange, something different, and something that did not seem normal. What was it?

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The next part will be published soon. Till that time imagine what will Masie and Alex face during their adventure.        


Her heart was beating fast; each nerve of the body became cold, legs shivering and nervousness was caught in her eyes. She was waiting in the queue for her turn. Every second of that period was like a ticking bomb which was going to explode soon after two boys and three girls. She remembered her childhood when her parents taught her to be courageous, never be afraid and just believe in yourself. This short memory was like an instant boost up for Kate who was going to do bungee jumping soon in few minutes. She was always afraid of doing adventures because she lost her father while climbing a rock. Her challenging brain motivated her while fearful heart made her feel that she was not made for doing such things. But her soul flourished her and now her eyes were shining bright and her hands were ready to be free in air. Her legs were been tied with harness and she was taking a deep sigh. And then she closed her eyes, remembered his father and jumped from the top, enjoying every second like a free bird, no fear, no pain and just happiness. After finishing she said to herself,” conquer your fear.” Kate had a deep change in her and she became like her father, a great adventurist and never look backed. Adventures were so exciting for her that climbing even the mountains of Arizona was easy. She never looked back from that point.


The sun had started rising; the sky had become a spectacular array of orange, yellow, and blue, small waves were touching my feet and they were going muddy. I was out on a beach for footslogging. Every corner of the beach was light yellow and children were seen making sandcastles, enjoying every bit of their childhood. Old people were walking and talking about their days when they were young and energetic. There were small debates on today’s generation activeness verses theirs. Different kind of sea shells were seen spread over the beach and inside them were small insects who enjoyed the beautiful morning in their own hiding way. Far one can see large rocks which had grown small plants and water was dashing to them and returning back. I sat on one of the rock and let my feet in water until a big wave strike the rock and made me wet. I purchased a coconut which was hard and dark green full of water and started drinking it while sitting in one of beach benches. Beside me was a family whose children were forcing their parents to join them bathing in sea. But they were busy in their body massage, relaxing from all workout stress. After sometime at the time of leaving the children were seen splashing in water ignoring every roar of their parents to go home. They were so assorted with the marine that they were not ready to go back in the same hectic life. I started walking again. The beach was becoming more crowded due to Sunday morning. It was felt that every single person wanted to escape from city lights and enjoy in the lap of nature. The morning had become even more amazing when I returned home, sat in balcony and drank coffee while enjoying the beauty of Indian beaches.


One night had turned her world into darkness and joy into sorrow. The poem is full of her pain.

Universe is Wide, Ocean is Deep,

That Night her heart got ripped.

She cried deeply, standing in the farm,

Slowly her face lost charm.

She was hit by storm of smite,

And pain was seen in her eyes.

She can no longer sleep a full night,

She can no longer be bright.

Everyday her feelings she fight,

Praying for things to be alright.

She broke day by day,

Her life became like a strayed.

He exists only in her dream,

Just like a vanishing gleam.

Years passed like dart,

But no one could heal her BROKEN HEART.

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I am Nidhi.

I love writing quotes and poems. This time I decided to write something unique so I am starting a travel dairy full of my crazy adventures. You are open to share your opinion if you feel anything should be improved.


I love going on adventures or you can say that it is my hobby. It was a fall day. Everyone was in their houses enjoying warm fireplace. I was sitting in my room and was having an overview of my pictures on my trip to Italy, when suddenly an adventurous idea struck my mind. I decided to have a bicycle ride in the Cinder Forest which was just behind my house. Everyone say that the forest became isolated during falls as it was very dark deep within. I had a Hercules Roadeo mountain bike. I wore my woolen jacket, tucked up my backpack, wore my boots and started cycling. When I reached there, was a board saying,” RESTRICTED DURING FALL,” but I ignore it and moved inside. The atmosphere was silent, one could only feel the cool breeze, every corner was dark and the leaves were all over the road that made noise when my cycle moved on it. I continued cycling for about 2 km but there was no sign of mortal. Even at the busiest sunset point you find only leaves and empty benches. After crossing various points I came across a small path which went into deep woods. There was a sign board saying,” Best place to view fireflies.” My excitement increased and I decided to go in it. But to enjoy the beauty of nature, I planned to park my bicycle out and go through walking. As I went walking in deep woods I could feel the silence that increased my pulse rate. The trees were tall and only some rays were coming inside. Although it was mid noon one could experience night in the woods. At one point there was a broken trunk so I decided to rest there. I opened my backpack, drank some energy drink, some water, and had a protein bar. By the time my watch snoozed as it was SIX. It became darker so decided to only go a little inside and then return. When I was about to continue, a tiny light began to appear. I followed it and it took me deep within. After some point of time the light suddenly disappeared. I was scared. I started finding my way but I discovered that I kept the phone on the trunk. I panicked but after couple of minutes I felt calmed. I was thinking to escape and I turned on my torch when I saw tiny lights all around me. I switched off my torch and saw fireflies. My heart was filled with joy. The scene was so amazing. I captured it in my camera. By the time my watch beeped and I realized that I had inserted my house map from any location. So I came out of the woods and took my bicycle and reached home. I printed the photo and kept it in my Travel Diary.

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